Sunbeams to Sea Bream

    On my most recent visit to Italy, I’d found an apartment a block or so away from Piazza S. Maria Maggiore. Located quite near the Staztione Termini train station, it wasn’t an area that I usually would choose, by personal preference. However, this...

Oh, Arezzo!

It was well after midnight. I was comfortably settled into sleep, when the merriment reached my ears. I rolled over, confident that the revelers would soon find their ways to dreamland. Naturally, hour after hour clicked by and the partying now entered a new phase:...

Secrets and Serendipities

    My Italy and Rome stays are forever changed! Early last November, I had no idea that I’d make two new friends and find a home in not just one, but two studios. Last autumn, I was busy creating ceramic pieces during my fabulous artist residency at...

La Dolce Vita/The Sweet Life Masterclass!

Boating on the lake in the Borghese Gardens, Rome   Calling all fabulous women 50 and beyond to experience La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) If you are a woman who is seeking to get Unstuck, Revitalized, and re-inspired for this next and best chapter in your...

Feeling of Victory: Vrooming on a Vespa

     Had I gone pazzo/crazy? I could hear the voices of tourists expressing their less than favorable opinions of Italian drivers as I fastened my helmet. Between my experience and genuine joy of adventure, those flimsy objections quickly vanished.     What could be...

Capitoline Hill Giro

Sometimes, public transportation can save soles. Sunday morning, initially, that idea was more urgent than the state of my soul, though I was keen to reconnect with my home church community. After studying the public tram, bus, and metro options from Trastevere, I...

When You Least Expect It

When You Least Expect It Barefoot. Standing with the hose on, pouring out cool water to make a nice, squishy mud puddle. Our very own clay quarry. I remember laying in the mud in my backyard, making mud pies with my younger brother. The corner was contained by a...

Storms, Baccalà, and Nureyev

Two days before Halloween, extremely high winds racked Rome to the point that public schools were closed. I walked briskly through the cobblestone streets of Trastevere, pivoting at the school, then the plumbago and so forth, picking my way through the labyrinth....
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